Si no está seguro de su nivel de inglés compruebe ahora mismo haciendo nuestra prueba de nivel on-line. Es rápida y le dará una idea de nivel actual de inglés.

  • Hay 25 preguntas tipo test
  • No hay límite de tiempo
  • Al completar la prueba sabrá su nota

Esta prueba es orientativa y las notas obtenidas son aproximadas. Venid a nuestro centro más cercano para una prueba más detallada.

1. Can I park here?


2. What will you get your children for Christmas?


3. I can´t understand you.


4. I´d like a table for two please.


5. Shall we go for a walk now?


6. His writing was ________ bad that the teacher could not read it.


7. My son needs to decide ________ and for all what he wants to study at university.


8. Don´t run near the ________ of the swimming pool. You might fall in!


9. I´m sorry, I didn´t ________ to offend you.


10. The actress ended the performance ________ a song.


11. Would you mind ________ the bathroom a quick clean before the guests arrive?


12. I was looking forward _______ on holiday this summer but I just can´t afford it.


13. ________ busy you are, you should always try to find time to relax each day.


14. It was only two years ago ________ they got married.


15. The shop didn´t sell what I wanted so I ________ it online.


16. Have you got time to take this telephone call, or are you ________ to leave?


17. He started work here ________ a month ago.


18. Once the car has stopped you can ________ your seatbelt.


19. I left my hometown because there were no job ________ there for me.


20. It wasn´t a bad storm and ________ damage was done to my house.


21. I´d rather you _______ me the truth.


22. You should always listen to both _______ of the argument before you make a decision.


23. I would ________ recommend John for the job.


24. When I realized I couldn´t find my keys, I decided to ________ my steps.


25. Erika´s school is somewhere in the ________ of the hospital.